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Thread: Hollywood Lighting

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    Re: Hollywood Lighting

    Worth a read: Hollywood Portraits: Classic Shots and how to Take Them : Photographs from the Kobal Collection written by Roger Hicks and Christopher Nisperos

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    Re: Hollywood Lighting

    That's brill I will have a look more at it tomorrow my brain has gone into sleep mode,research as got to be the most hard work ever!

    And thank you all this info is amazing will help me out loads

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    Re: Hollywood Lighting

    Quote Originally Posted by jnantz View Post
    Maybe someone else can remember his website's name, but there used to be someone named Mark Wangerin ( I think?! ) who was an 8x10 photographer who specialized in portraits with a Verito and Hollywood lighting. He had a discussion board on his website and there were guests from time to time like Hurell's retoucher &c...
    Last I was in touch with him ( 10+ years ago? ) he wasn't doing photography anymore but something else. He used large lights from a distance do do his work...

    Good luck with your project !
    Mark A. Vieira
    and yes this is a must purchase, Hollywood Portraits: Classic Shots and how to Take Them : Photographs from the Kobal Collection written by Roger Hicks and Christopher Nisperos; if only to see how you would come to different conclusions.

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    Re: Hollywood Lighting

    Here's an excellent documentary on George Hurrell.

    Many 10" 2K spot/Fresnel lights are now being surplused off on eBay due to the high cost of converting them to LED vs. purchasing new units. These can be economically converted to electronic flash with halogen modeling light or to standard Edison sockets to accept LED or filament bulbs up to 500W. Here is one I did earlier this month at a meeting of our local photo club. 10" DeSisti Leonardo, Dynalite flash conversion, Polarizer and diffusion on Fresnel, Polarlizer on grid/spot backlight and Polarizer on digital camera lens. JPEG straight out of camera.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here are 10" QuartzColor Castors for $46.99 pus shipping. These were about $3000 each new. An easy conversion.

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    Re: Hollywood Lighting

    Of course you can use those fresnel halogen studio lights as is. If you stay below 2k you can run them from standard household circuits. Try to get complete units with barndoors, scums, etc. Fun stuff!

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