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Thread: Moving away from Adobe

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    Re: Moving away from Adobe

    ZIP is the most efficient lossless compression commonly available and there's not reason not to use it other than it takes longer to open and save files. It can often keep you under the 4GB file size limit for Tiff files and keep you from going to .psb files which have no effective limit, well, something like 300 GB. And if you're using 16 bit per channel files, ZIP is preferred over LZW as LZW will actually make larger files when your 16 bit per channel file is really a 10, 12, or 14 bit file padded to 16 bit. And if you still use .psd files for some reason, they're all compressed with lossless compression that you can't turn off either.

    Since I deliver a LOT of files to client via hightail, I always zip all files. Takes less time to send and is more polite to the folks on the other end, but it's better if you can to stuff a folder full of images into one zip archive, which hightail will do automatically for you anyway.

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    Re: Moving away from Adobe

    Quote Originally Posted by paulbarden View Post
    Adam, I do not use Photoshop, and haven't needed it in many years. I'm not looking for an alternative to Photoshop - I don't need that tool set. I am only interested in Lightroom, and I will continue to use it until such time that it cannot run on my machine. But thanks for the suggestion.
    Then you have to look out for ON1 I think it can do even more then Lightroom, cheers Armin

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    Re: Moving away from Adobe

    I was a keen Adobe user for a long time although when I realised I was only using a small percentage of the features I transferred over to PhotoLine - this was before Affinity Photo had developed into the current product, and I haven't made a comparison. - I'm not not using the current version but the upgrade is inexpensive if one needs to do so.

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    So here's the thing of my journey, when I moved from adobe to affinity photo (during 90 days offer) something like weird to me that is so many complicated and long-winded to achieve the new goal, it still said that it could not easy to start a new, So I plan to do the slow process because I have got a lot more space (90 days)-

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