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Thread: Enlarger head using RGB LED 3W - complete project

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    Enlarger head using RGB LED 3W - complete project

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    Two years ago I published an adaptation of a Durst Laborator 1000 replacing condensers by a LED box. The project used an old TV remote control and had some points to be improved so I did not publish the whole thing, just the basic idea and some leads to those willing to go further in that direction. But, anyway, I've been using my Durst with LEDs ever since and love it. Recently I reviewed it completely and just published a new project, using 3W RGB LEDs and a normal keypad as interface. This time I made available all the specifications including the code that is loaded into the micro-processor (Arduino Pro-Mini) and detailed instructions on critical parts of the project. I made it for photographers with no experience in making printed circuit boards, micro-processors, soldering, etc. As part of the project there is also a control box that works as a timer and mixer for the RBG colors. It allows the use of multi grade paper by balancing the proportions of green and blue, like the MG filters or color heads do.

    Here is a link to a video presenting the project. In the video description there is another link to the full project in text and images. There is still a .zip file to be downloaded with the software (called sketch in Arduinoland), quick guide, PCB drawing and some 3D printing files. That is all that one needs to build his own enlarger head and it is all free. I think the budget for all parts will be about 100 USD.

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    Re: Enlarger head using RGB LED 3W - complete project


    Thank you!
    sin eater

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    Re: Enlarger head using RGB LED 3W - complete project

    Big thanks
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    Re: Enlarger head using RGB LED 3W - complete project

    That's wonderful for those who can make that sort of thing. You're very generous to share your knowledge and efforts. LED is going to become our new standard enalrgeer light source at some point in the not-too-distant future, I think.
    Philip U.

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    Re: Enlarger head using RGB LED 3W - complete project

    Very nice! You have me thinking about how I might adapt your plans to an 8x10 enlarger in the future.

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    Re: Enlarger head using RGB LED 3W - complete project

    Great job! Thanks!
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