A new day and more Coffee:

What is your, as-packed and on the trail total weight for a weekend, say two nights?

I have not carried a backpack for an overnight for many years (decades) now. . . .mid seventies I think. My current 4x5 kit goes out in an ancient LowPro "Magnum 35" shoulder bag. Kit: Wista, three lenses, 10 film holders BTZS hood and a little CF Tripod.

However, this discussion got me thinking that a workable alternat approach might be to a pack similar shoulder bag, stuffed with a 4x5 kit put together with lower weight in mind, as an add-on package to a trekking backpack outfit. My current kit weighs 25 pounds, but could be shaved down with weight conscious choices in lenses and other items.

One of the WillTravel bodies might be a weight conscious option. A Schneider 90mm f/6.8 would replace the Nikkor 90mm f/8 and so on.