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Thread: Urgent need help to develop my film

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    Re: Urgent need help to develop my film

    Do you scan or print ? That negative (hard to judge on a monitor anyway) looks a tad under exposed to me, at what speed did you shoot, and how long did you expose ? You might have been in reciproke teritory..I do not know that Ilford film though. I think a experienced print would be able to make a nice print from your negative though.

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    Re: Urgent need help to develop my film

    I scan the negative.
    The exposure is F22 1/4”
    Normally I never have underexposed images, but you never know.

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    Re: Urgent need help to develop my film

    Quote Originally Posted by David Schaller View Post
    That is just fine. Don’t increase the time. That will only overcook the highlights. You have plenty of shadow detail already.
    +1 What I'd say. You could make a proper proof to see if your exposure is good if you don't own a densitometer. You can buy Fred Picker's Zone VI workshop at auction for around $5.00 wherein he explains the proper proof. L

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