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Thread: Backpacks for 4X5 with 3 small lenses and Chamonix F2

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    Re: Backpacks for 4X5 with 3 small lenses and Chamonix F2

    Quote Originally Posted by roscoetuff-Skip Mersereau View Post
    Roberto: Looks pretty sweet! Not far off what I've got set up. Will send a pic tomorrow. Smaller pack, so I think I'll be carrying the tripod in my hands... but otherwise... good. Take care of yourself in Ground Zero, sing and stay safe!
    Thank you Roscoe. Yes, I use to carry the tripod by hand if I don't need to have both hands free.
    We are locked-down for almost three weeks now and we will for other two at least. I do some indoor portrait to my sons, waiting for when I can go around in the hillside again.
    Take care you too in US. Don't underestimate this plague, it spreads very fast and It could be lethal to many even if some will experience just a weak flu.
    Stay home, stay safe.

    With love, from Italy
    A good picture requires taking risks

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    Re: Backpacks for 4X5 with 3 small lenses and Chamonix F2

    Just ordered the Lowepro Tactic 450, which I plan on using with the Fuji GX680.
    The GX680 is bulkier than most 4x5 cameras, but having tried the local store's display bag first, it had plenty of room to spare, after packing the camera body, with back and lens attached.

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