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Thread: Lock 'n Load (practical)

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    Lock 'n Load (practical)

    Hi guys,

    I wonder, do you ever have problems loading 120 or 35mm upon a patterson tank reel?
    Loading 4x5 is no problem for me, but am always struggling to get that 120/35 film on the reel.
    Any tips about this?
    Because I'm afraid that I'm about to damage my rolls while loading them up.

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    Re: Lock 'n Load (practical)

    Snip the corners so that the leading edge of the film that goes onto the spiral has nicely rounded corners. This prevents the film snagging on the reel, which is the primary cause of problems loading the film.

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    Re: Lock 'n Load (practical)

    Humid or damp? Any wet or moist area on the holder can cause problems. Not rinsing well after using the reel in Photo Flo can cause problems as well.
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    Re: Lock 'n Load (practical)

    Yes, but my main concern is more that the roll, rolls up on the loose end while rolling it up into the reel..
    This must sound confusing. :-)

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    Re: Lock 'n Load (practical)

    Are you new to using these reels? I am. I got started by practicing loading in daylight. Also watching YouTube videos. Then practice with eyes closed. Then in changing bag. Then in changing bag with eyes closed.

    My tips (as a novice): bend film tip backward to flatten film helps it go under the ball bearings easier. Then put thumbs over loading gate sides so film doesn’t “flip out”. I let the film curl but keep the curl aligned with the loading gate, Guiding with pinkie fingers. Also, found it easier to twist only one side of reel rather than twisting both simultaneously...
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    Re: Lock 'n Load (practical)

    Yeah it can be tricky for a while, especially those tight 220 reels. You just have to practice in the light, then close your eyes and only look as a bail-out, then move on to doing live film.

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    Re: Lock 'n Load (practical)

    I let the curled film run between my pinkie (towards me) and ring (away from me) fingers just below the reel.
    And yes, clip the leading corners to round them off, a 45 degree clip of about 1/8 inch on each corner works.

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    Re: Lock 'n Load (practical)

    I HAD to get these new style with big ramps, my beat up fingers love them.
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    Re: Lock 'n Load (practical)

    Try loading roll film with a thumb and the 2 adjacent fingers having no feeling. I do it, but not like I used to.

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    Re: Lock 'n Load (practical)

    All the above suggestions are good advice.

    I always dry and warm up the reel with a hair dryer before loading the film …….... even if it is a dry hot day.

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