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Thread: Used Sinar P, some questions

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    Used Sinar P, some questions

    I'm about to make the jump into the LF world. I was offered a Sinar P in pretty good condition with 3 lenses (that almost match my preferred 35mm focal length) and a lot of accessories for a very reasonable price (read: dirt cheap). I've shot my first sheets of expired TMAX400 and they looked great. I love the big negsize and having control over every single movement. The camera is an absolute joy to use.
    The downside is that there are two problems with it.
    First beeing the rear standart where the tilt won't work anymore. After switching from the perfectly working swing to tilt I can still turn the knob but the standard doesn't move and it feels like there are no cogs on the wheel. In addition to that, it's stuck at 3,5 and not at zero, so this must be repaired. I guess that the geared nylon rail has lost some teeth.
    The second problem is the focusing gear on the front standart. When moving the lens closer to the film using the geared movements, one nylon-rail beginns pushing back the rear metalplate that should hold it in place. It looks like the screw-head has been broken off by the prevoious owner. Turning the knob very slow doesnt move the rail, seems like there's too much friction. Could this be caused by old lube or is it just general wear-out? Every other movement is working very smooth and precise.

    Now the big question is about the repair that needs to be done. I'm quite sure it can be repaired, but how much is something like this going to cost? I haven't bought it yet, so if the repair is going to be extremely expensive I bring it back to it's old home.
    The second question is, where to send it for repair in Austria/Germany? I know only one company in Austria doing such repairs and my dealer told me that they would charge over 1000, not including the used material. Somewhere in this (btw. very informative and friendly) forum was stated that these rails cost something under 100. Is this still the case and are they still avaliable for the Sinar P?
    If changing the rails doesn't require not generally avaliable tools and isn't extremely difficult I would do it by myself. I adjust my 35mm gear (autofocus, focusing screens,...) by myself so I have some but limited experience at messing around with cameras.

    thanks in advanceClemens

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    Used Sinar P, some questions

    I see rails and standards on ebay all the time. Check what they go for and add that to what you are paying for the camera, and see if that still plays out to be worth it in the end.

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    Used Sinar P, some questions


    Why not contact Sinar-Bron? The factory is in Schaffhausen, Switzerland IIRC. if they don't do repairs, they could probably tell you who does them reasonably.


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    Used Sinar P, some questions

    Maybe the camera is not such a great deal afterall.

    Where do yo live. I agree with the suggestion to contact Sinar directly. If you are in the US call them at 908-754-5800 or 800-456-0203.

    If you are interested in large format there are several free articles on our web site

    steve simmons

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    Used Sinar P, some questions

    "Why not contact Sinar-Bron? The factory is in Schaffhausen, Switzerland"

    Sinar-Bron is in Edison, NJ, Sinar is in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, Bron is outside Basel, Switzerland.

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    Used Sinar P, some questions

    Sinar Swiss is in Feuerthalen near Schaffhausen!
    Just to be exactly as a swiss watch!

    Greatings from Swiss!

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    Used Sinar P, some questions

    Thanks Bob and Johnars,

    I've actually been through Scaffhausen and Feurerthalen trying to find my way down from Germany to a my friends' wedding near Siebnen by way of Flawil and St. Gallen.

    Cheers from the states Johnars!


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    Used Sinar P, some questions

    Hello Clemens.

    I have a Sinar P 1. When I bought it the front tilt was not working properly at the five degree setting. I was able to still use the tilt by assisting the move by hand pressure. After using the camera for some time and falling in love with it, I decided to get the complete camera overhauled.

    I sent it to Team Work (Sinar Agent for UK) London W1, and quickly received a quote for the overhaul. The modest cost was well worth effort, the camera is a joy to use and now as efficient as my P2.10X8

    Your problem seems to be identical to the one I had. The rack and pinion on the front and rear standards can wear, but much more likely - the nylon rack has stripped through the hands of incompetent operators.

    The Sinar P1 is still used extensively in the UK by teaching establishments
    for training would be photographers. Quite naturally such cameras get constant rough treatment and are eventually sold off cheaply.

    Any Sinar camera is worth at least one full service in it's infinitive lifetime.

    I hope I have helped is some way. However, consideration should be give by you in making your decision, to he fact that I am a Sinar fanatic and totally biased! Good luck..

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