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Thread: Delurking from Virginia.

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    Delurking from Virginia.

    Hello from Virginia.

    I haven't actually done large format film photography. What I have done is built a primitive 4x6 scanner backed camera and took pictures with it. Things I came across on here -largeformatphotography- and from project ese were really helpful. Someday I hope to have even smoother better pictures.

    I've also used cyanotype paper as film. Prints would come out 6x8 but not a high-rez as you guys are used to.

    I'm interested in cyanotype prints and alt processes.

    I'm also into 3d printing ad 3d printed a 4x6 camera but it wasn't wonderful so it's never been published or shared.

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    Re: Delurking from Virginia.

    Welcome to the forum - and please share your images and experiences. Many of us enjoy the alternative processes. I have been making cyanotype contact prints from large and medium format film negatives for a few years - actually, right now, the only printing I have been doing is cyanotype contact printing. I just looked at your flickr pages - great!
    BTW, some of your scanner back images sure look like places in or around Denver...?

    BTW, I am in south central VA.

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    Re: Delurking from Virginia.

    The red rocks photos are from around Denver. Good eye.

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    Re: Delurking from Virginia.

    Wow! I learned a new word today. Delurking.

    You'll learn a lot on this forum! Welcome to the club!

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