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Thread: Duotone/Quadtone

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    Re: Duotone/Quadtone

    What I think the discussion about lithography/plates is missing is just the simplicity of duotoning and also the idea of online presentation.

    I have printed duotoned images before but I don't do digital printing much anymore. I use duotoning for online display. I would bet most using duotones aren't using them for print purposes at home.

    My Action simply converts the image to greyscale and 8-bit, duotone using my preferred curves, then convert to RGB to save that color and tone, and finish with a curve tweak to get contrast back to "normal" from my original as the duotoned image is usually slightly different. This is my standard finishing treatment for images to display.

    I am perfectly able to use all of the typical PS tools otherwise, but this is easy and quick to make it do what I want on any image. My basic editing time on one image is 10-15 minutes, including dust spotting, d&b, and toning.
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    Re: Duotone/Quadtone

    Cool. I am playing with it now and different methods to achieve. I print digitally and eventually will have my darkroom set up and can start printing old school. Most of what I have read for people using duotone, etc is not at all for what it was originally intended for. Thanks for the info.

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