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Thread: BetterScanning Question

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    BetterScanning Question


    Does anyone know if this company is still making film holders?

    I've just placing a couple of orders since the beginning of Feb, sent follow up emails and haven't had any response at all. I've checked my junk, used a secondary email address but still no success.

    Bit concerned since their reputation was top class. If not, is there anyone else who produces film holders?


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    Re: BetterScanning Question

    Iíve been sending Doug *many* emails trying to get some info on his ANR glass since December... and havenít gotten a single response. In the past heíd always respond right away.

    Hopefully heís alright and will be back soon, but itís been 3 months now....

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    Re: BetterScanning Question

    Something must be up then. Shame. Hope he's alright.

    Guess we'll just wait and see

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    Re: BetterScanning Question

    Hope he is alright. I got several holders and glass from him. He may be working a lot. This is a side business for him I believe. Plus isn't he in the area where the latest tornadoes ripped thru?

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    Re: BetterScanning Question

    Quote Originally Posted by Steven Ruttenberg View Post
    Plus isn't he in the area where the latest tornadoes ripped thru?
    His corporate name traces to Atlanta, which has been OK. But I hope he is well.

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