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Thread: Post your homage to another photographer (any format)

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    Re: Post your homage to another photographer (any format)

    Quote Originally Posted by Merg Ross View Post
    Hi Gregg, nice homage to Paul. His 90th birthday was a few days ago.

    Let me volunteer a thought, if you don't mind. Paul might have seen what you did. I think he would have printed the surrounding area of the white rock down a bit more and let the pearl glow. But then it wouldn't be your interpretation. Paul was a master silver printer. Last I heard he was still, "in the traditional darkroom with silver and chemistry."

    Thanks for posting. Location?

    Thanks, Merg. I had already brought the surroundings of the "egg" down more than I might otherwise - and at that point it was far more of a departure from reality than I usually come up with! But perhaps I'm too timid. I'll try even more! The location was somewhere on the Oregon Coast, I think around Cape Lookout, if I recall correctly. I haven't gotten over to the coast lately, but I need to...


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    Re: Post your homage to another photographer (any format)

    Quote Originally Posted by Bernice Loui View Post
    All relative, what is perceived as "serious amount of lighting power" was vastly common back in the days of studio centric sheet film image making.
    Majority of folks working with sheet film in studio doing product images which are much like still-life had several 4000watt/second or 3000watt/second power packs with several flash heads and a Boat Load of light modifiers and a pile of grip and lighting related Do-Dads..

    Alterative was to "multi-pop" which was also very, very common. That Minolta flash meter IV has a "multi" setting to meter the effective exposure f-stop after multi-pops from the strobe/flash. This was a common flash meter feature back in the day. Single was preferred, except single was not always an option.

    Once the subject and camera was set, most of the time spent was on lighting followed by pull-A-roids before any film was exposed.

    The two Elinchrom 3000AS power packs used for this setup..
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    Bernice - thanks for the explanation.


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    Re: Post your homage to another photographer (any format)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ode-aan-28-2.8.jpg 
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    Hommage to André Kertész

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