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Thread: New member from Huntsville Alabama

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    New member from Huntsville Alabama

    Just wanted to introduce myself. Iím a strictly amateur photographer. I do it because I love it, and for no other reason. I shoot landscape, architecture, wildlife, still life, travel, macro and portraits. Just about anything and everything that interests me.

    After the past 15 years or so of shooting digital, I have finally made my way back to analog. Iím currently setting up a darkroom in my basement, where Iíll be able to develop and print 35mm up to 4x5. Havenít stepped foot in a darkroom in thirty years, so Iím really looking forward to it.

    For digital 35mm, I shoot a Canon 5dmkIV, a Leica M10 and a Leica Q2. For film, I have a Leica M3, a Nikon FM2n, and a Minolta X-570. And lots of lenses for all of them. I recently picked up a couple of Rollieís for my first foray into medium format. Now Iím ready to tackle large format. Looking to purchase my first 4x5 camera, and Iím strongly inclined toward the Chamonix F2. I intend to shoot film, but also want to learn to shoot wet plate. I have an interest in learning various alternative photographic processes including wet plate collodion, platinum/palladium, cyanotypes and Van dyke brown.

    Iím here on the forum to learn and so far Iíve been impressed with the collective wealth of knowledge and talent here.

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    Re: New member from Huntsville Alabama

    sin eater

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    Re: New member from Huntsville Alabama

    Excellent, you might be interested in a recent thread started by a gent visiting Rocket City:
    At any rate, I lived down in Birmingham for most of the '90's and know the country between it and the GSMNP pretty well--feel free to PM if you're up here exploring.

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    Re: New member from Huntsville Alabama

    Huntsville, cool! I sent my son to Space Camp two years in a row, he loved it there.

    No idea what "digital 35mm" means, but as long as you're enjoying it....

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    Re: New member from Huntsville Alabama

    Welcome! Send some BBQ up my way! With my current squeeze a Chamonix 45F2, I recommend the camera highly. Great rig! Worth every penny!

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    Re: New member from Huntsville Alabama

    Welcome! I am located in Huntsville, too. PM me if you want to meet at some point.


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    Re: New member from Huntsville Alabama

    Thank you all for the warm welcome. Glad to hear some of you are familiar with my hometown, and even one long-term member from here. That’s so cool. Arne, I’ll definitely look to message you sometime and get together. That would be fun. Right now I’m focused on building my darkroom and getting some large format equipment to work with. But after that I’ll be up for going out and shooting a lot more and learning the format. Glad to hear another recommendation for the Chamonix. It does seem like a fantastic piece of kit.

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