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Thread: Intrepid 8x10 - Fresnel lens

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    Intrepid 8x10 - Fresnel lens

    Anyone have an Intrepid 8x10 camera, or know of a fresnel lens that will fit? Was considering this one:

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    Re: Intrepid 8x10 - Fresnel lens

    I just use a 2x magnifier from Staples. I had to cut it down a bit on my table saw.
    May tomorrow be a better day.

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    Re: Intrepid 8x10 - Fresnel lens

    Quite honestly I have a fresnel on my Canham 8x10 woodie that came from the factory with the camera and put a fine hand ground ground glass on my Intrepid 8x10 (after the original GG was broken in shipping) and I can honestly say I cannot discern the difference between the two in the field. My advice is I would surely recommend spending your money on the best quality GG available before you invest on a fresnel lens because the GG is where the rubber meets the road. A mediocre GG can only be improved by a fresnel so much. Plus you may find that a better quality GG renders a fresnel unnecessary. let your eyes be your guide and take things in steps. Steve Hopf (?) may still sell his quality GG.

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