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    Late Intro

    Late intro says it all. I've posted here a few times already. So I'm late posting an Intro... but I'm also at 62, late getting an intro to LF. Guess that's my M.O. 'cause I've even posted that I'd like to arrange a LF Group together in my area (Annapolis). Don't know what we'll do... because I'm almost as new to Annapolis as I am to LF. But LF? Wow. This is what I guess I got back into film for. Didn't know it. My wife of course said, "Oh you'll do it" and of course I said, "Nah...that's crazy" and she said, "And you're not crazy?" Well... I guess in so many ways, she's right again. Here I am. And my short experience with waiting for the light to fill in... this is such a thrill. No race? Oh sure there is. But then you wait, and surprise.... there's your moment. With any other format? Sure you can do the same thing... but the fact is....? What? You don't. Because you can. With LF.... well.... there's the advantage in being glued to where you are. So it's a Zen moment I wasn't looking for.... and that's a wonder I enjoy. So for now? I'm loving it. I'm making mistakes galore... but it's fun, and that's the point Every one. Thank you!

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    Re: Late Intro

    Glad you're enjoying it. I returned to photography after a long absence a few years ago and found the relearning curve much longer than I had anticipated. From the studio, I was now concentrating on location LF portraiture with a streamlined film/chem set-up, new challenges from natural light, etc. All in my repertoire in other formats, but lots of readjustment and rethinking. Great fun! And I have a few years on you.
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