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Thread: sekonic l-858d

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    Re: sekonic l-858d

    I have been using the L-758D for almost seven months, and I shoot about 60 to 70 times a year.
    Also, I always carry spare battery.
    But I haven't replaced the battery yet, so I haven't bought a rechargeable CR123A battery.

    p.s. I have experienced rapid battery consumption of L-858D several times.
    Chamonix 45N-2, Chamonix 45H-1

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    Re: sekonic l-858d

    Though I am finding the L-758 discussion interesting and considering a used one, can we go back to any direct experiences with the L-858?

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    Re: sekonic l-858d

    I think most of you would like the L-858D, but I've had some uncomfortable experiences.

    1. The L-858D's touch screen is a resistive touch screen, not a capacitive touch screen used in smartphones.
    2. The L-858D's touch screen sometimes doesn't respond.
    3. I often can't see the screen well in the bright outdoors.
    4. I have experienced the battery drain quickly.

    Especially, I want the screen to be brighter.
    Chamonix 45N-2, Chamonix 45H-1


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