My first attempt to respond went somewhere before I finished.
Getting into ULF does not have to be expensive if you are patient. My 1st was a 7x17 Korona with 2 holders and a contact printing frame. Cost $350
At 85 I decided I needed to lighten up so I began a search for a 5x12 Korona. It took a while but eventually I found one.It came with 2 film holders and one plate holder. again, $350. I picked up 3 new holders fro $125 each.
Lenses I had gathered over the many years I have been in LF. so no new investment.
Film- Ilford annual order, and X-ray. The x-ray film for 7x17 was about $35/100, the 5x12 a little less. I did buy one new to me lens for the 5x12.
These are old cameras, I use lenses of the same vintage or older, develop in seed starting trays by inspection under an ancient red safelight. My preference for scenics, in fact everything but female portraits, has been orthochromatic film, so when I discovered x-ray film I was very happy.
If your vision. like mine, tends more towards panoramic, the time, money and effort are very worthwhile.
Have fun,