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Thread: New bellows?

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    New bellows?

    Is there anyone in the US making new bellows for large format cameras? Lund Photographics has been offering this service but when contacted, they informed me they were discontinuing the service. I don't want to order from a Chinese manufacturer at this time, so I'd like to find someone here that can do it. Suggestions, please?


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    Re: New bellows?

    Dynatech in New Berlin, WI:

    Custom Bellows in England.
    May tomorrow be a better day.

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    Re: New bellows?

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter De Smidt View Post
    Dynatech in New Berlin, WI:

    Custom Bellows in England.
    Thanks Peter. Iíll try Dynatech.

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    Re: New bellows?

    I am in the same place, and was hoping to hear a few new names. Turner, Western, and Universal all appear to be gone.

    You may also want to ask Richard Ritter. He has someone make bellows for his repair work and for his cameras (perhaps Custom Bellows in the UK?). He is making a set of bellows frames for me, and told me he can have the bellows made.

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    Re: New bellows?

    I have just used Custom Bellows in England and can 100% recommend them. The bellows are superb and customer service was first class.

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