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Thread: Kodak supermatic shutter?

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    Kodak supermatic shutter?

    I thought I fixed my Kodak Supermatic (x) shutter, but apparently not. I am DONE with it! The shutter goes with a 127mm Ektar. I will probably not use anyway, but what size shutter fits this glass? It is driving me nuts not getting this shutter to work consistently. I know this lens is not worth much, but hate to see nice glass go to waste. Thanks!

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    Re: Kodak supermatic shutter?

    Bite the bullet and send the shutter in for a good CLA (I recommend Carol Flutot). They are solid and reliable shutters once in good working order and will last years once repaired and calibrated. I don't think you'll find another shutter for your Ektar 127mm lens cells unless it is also a Supermatic. FWIW, I've got four Ektar lenses in Supermatics and the shutters all perform superbly after the initial CLA from Flutot's many years ago.



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    Re: Kodak supermatic shutter?

    You are probably right. The CLA service charge from Flutot's seems very reasonable. If I were to come across another Supermatic or Supermatic (x) shutter, how do I determine if it will work with my 127mm lens cells? Is there a shutter size designation? I have a 152mm Ektar with a Supermatic (x) shutter that larger than the 127mm version. I presume the (X) version of this shutter indicates flash sync capability? I will do some more research myself. Thanks!

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    Re: Kodak supermatic shutter?

    Yes, there are plain Supermatic shutters that pre-date the flash connection. Of course many Kodak lenses in these shutters were originally mounted on Graflex Speed Graphics (or other press cameras) that used an external solenoid to trigger the flashbulb and camera. In those days electronic flash was in its infancy, and X sync probably became a feature post-WWII- but I'm not sure of that and can't back that idea up.
    Despite their finicky reputation, I think they are fine shutters when adjusted properly. I'll have to look at a couple of mine to see if they are labeled by size.

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    Re: Kodak supermatic shutter?

    Also have the 152mm in Supermatic and it works great. As Doremus indicated, getting CLA done on it changes things....perhaps not the fastest speeds much, but.... I had Carol do all my shutters (at once) and I never looked I have a reliable equipment.


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