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Thread: A Very Dusty Horsehead

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    A Very Dusty Horsehead

    We finally a clear night here in Northern Colorado, so I was able to use my new scope again!

    I decided to shoot the Horsehead and Flame.

    As I am still trying to figure out the best way to use my new RASA 11, I used two different cameras this time. I used a ZWO ASI183MC Pro for the RGB and a ZWO ASI183MM Pro for the H-Alpha. Instead of using a filterwheel, this time I used a 6nm 1.25" h-alpha filter with a ZWO adapter screwed inside the ZWO m42 extension which seemed to work very well. I had no vignetting at all and the 6nm filter seems to work well at f2.2.

    Anyway, here is what I got with 3.1 hours total integration. This is the deepest I've ever imaged the Horsehead, lots of dust compared to my last try at this part of the sky. My normal imaging scope used for this was a Stellarvue SV80, which at f7, would have taken me 31 hours of integration to get what I got with just 3.1 hours with the RASA. I am LOVING this scope!

    This one is best viewed on the Astrobin link below to see a more detailed view. (click on small square image, then on Astrobin click on the image again to get a full screen view)

    125, 45 second RGB images at gain 54
    60, 90 second H-Alpha images at gain 111

    RASA 11
    ZWO ASI183MM Pro
    ZWO ASI183MC Pro
    EQ6-R Pro
    ZWO ASI290mm Mini Guide Scope

    HorseHead-Final-Small by Colo CJ, on Flickr

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    Re: A Very Dusty Horsehead

    No idea what you are saying about equipment and integration, but that is a remarkable and wonderful image.

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    Re: A Very Dusty Horsehead

    Yes, nice image

    We idiots need hot links on almost every bit of jargon you wrote
    sin eater

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    Tim Sandstrom
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    Re: A Very Dusty Horsehead

    just epic, gorgeous results, the universe is yours!

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    Re: A Very Dusty Horsehead

    Excellent work, CJ. Send these guys to astro forum.....puhleese. :>)


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    Re: A Very Dusty Horsehead

    Now that's infinity focus.

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    Re: A Very Dusty Horsehead

    Think it looks more like Jar Jar Binks.

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    Re: A Very Dusty Horsehead

    Great image CJ!

    The Celestron RASA 11 - - is a great imaging scope. Do you work from a fixed observatory or do you transport it to the field? If the latter, how long does it take you to set-up?

    I got to get back into astronomy - still working with a 10" Meade LX50/


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    Re: A Very Dusty Horsehead

    Whoa, that's far out man. Seriously, that's cool.

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: A Very Dusty Horsehead

    Alas, I have neither the time nor funds to get into astrophotography. But it looks so interesting. Out here, the highest road is atop the White Mountains just east of the Sierra crest, near the Bristlecone reserve, where I've seen trailers with pretty big telescopes, up to 16 inch reflectors. But any high pass is good if weather permits and forest fire smoke is not active. I'm glad you've found a rewarding niche.

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