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Thread: Isn't there a "For Sale" sub-forum?

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    Isn't there a "For Sale" sub-forum?

    Apologies if this isn't the right place to post this question, but I seem to remember a "for sale" etc.
    link on these forums? Was it taken down? Or am I not looking in the right place?
    I've got a significant amount of LF darkroom gear I'd like to sell to someone who would actually use it,
    and I'm looking for a venue to get that done! I'm currently living in Las Vegas, BTW.
    Thanks for any help you may provide!
    p.s. - I've read some of the other comments related to desirability of "newbies" posting for-sale items, or
    even being denied the ability to peruse or buy from other forum members. Technically, I'm not a "newbie",
    having joined this forum a year ago. But I'm no longer actively doing LF photography - I had been active
    in Massachusetts and California since the early '80s, operating a studio and doing field work. But I'm not
    able to pursue it any longer. I hope that I'll be able to find someone who will appreciate the value of some
    quality equipment I have to part with. This forum seems like an ideal place to make such a connection.
    Please advise how I may accomplish that!

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    Re: Isn't there a "For Sale" sub-forum?

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    Re: Isn't there a "For Sale" sub-forum?

    30 day waiting period for new members before you gain access to the commerce section of the forum. It usually turns over on it's own after the 30 days (to the last hour) but you may have to log out and then log in again for this function to take place. But again this after 30 day waiting from join date.

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    Re: Isn't there a "For Sale" sub-forum?

    If you are "perpetually" logged in, try logging off, then logging back in. Then, go to the main index by clicking on the forum logo, and scroll down to see the for-sale sub-forum.

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    Re: Isn't there a "For Sale" sub-forum?

    Thanks guys! It's working now! I'll be posting some items soon!
    p.s. in the process of moving from Las Vegas to Idaho, in case anyone's local
    to either place.. would be great to comiserate!

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