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Thread: bad bellows repair

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    bad bellows repair

    Hi, I have a Tachihara 4x5 field camera that I got around 2001. After 18 years of hard use, it needed a new bellows, and I sent it to a guy who was going to replace the bellows. But there are still numerous light leaks after the repair. I have only used the camera a few times since I got it back from him, so I'm pretty sure I didn't cause these light leaks. The flares are visible on the prints, and I found the light leaks by putting a flashlight inside the bellows.

    My question is: should I just try to fix it with a little bit of black acrylic paint? I have never done this before, but I could probably figure it out.

    Also: is there anybody who does this sort of bellows replacement that you would recommend?

    And where does one buy a new bellows?


    Shannon Stoney

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    Re: bad bellows repair

    How much film & processing costs have you lost so far? I would just order a new bellows from UK Custom Bellows. You'll need to replace them sooner or later; why continue with the aggravation?

    Kent in SD
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    Re: bad bellows repair

    Is it very hard to replace a bellows yourself? How do you get the old one off? On the Tachihara, the bellows appear to be glued to the front and back standards. What do you use to get all the old glue off, before gluing the new one on?

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    Re: bad bellows repair

    Personally now never repair a bad bellows. In the 1980s repaired a worn 8x10 bellows on my Sinar. Tested out OK. Then I shot a job which involved shooting many 8x10 chromes in a very short period of time. When they came back, all of the chromes were ruined by a "new" bellows light leak... a new bellows would have cost way less than what I spent on the 8x10 film and processing. To me, if a bellows goes bad, it will just continue to go bad.

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    Re: bad bellows repair

    contact Richard Ritter it will be done correctly

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