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    Re: web page

    one of the nicer photo sites - shows the excellent work in a clear, clean fashion - very enjoyable. thanks.

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    Re: web page

    Very nice stuff, Mr. H2o, thanks.

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    Re: web page

    Thanks to all who took the time to look at my web page. I really have been out from under a dark cloth for far to long, a situation I'll try to remedy soon!

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    Re: web page

    Nicely done! I like the lack of flying images, boxes, colors, junk you see so often in a professional photographers website. Plus they take forever to load.
    --- Steve from Missouri ---

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    Re: web page

    A very impressive website in which the design and layout enhanced the images. Congratulations! Contrary to my LF and B&W prejudices, I was particularly attracted to the color work - especially the "Agriculture" panel. I look forward to further iterations.

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