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Thread: Devere 507 Varicon question

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    Devere 507 Varicon question

    I have recently bought a Devere 507 Varicon enlarger to print 5 x 7 negatives. The enlarger came with a complete set of condensers and a 180mm lens. I cannot find a manual for this enlarger. I have the 2 condenser lenses ( 240 mm ) and the sticker inside the condenser housing shows a space between the 2 condensers. The track/slot that holds the upper condenser places it just an 1/16 inch or so above the bottom condenser. Should there be a larger space between these 2 condensers and if so, how much? ( There is room for the upper condenser to be as much as 4 inches higher ) There is no other slot/track in the housing to hold a condenser in a higher position. Is this supposed to be this way or am I missing something here ? Thank you in advance for any help in this matter .... Jack

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    Re: Devere 507 Varicon question

    I'd contact Odyssey De Vere (or if in USA/ Canada, KHB Photografix) - they should be able to tell you the details you need to know. Odyssey can be a little slow to respond to emails if they're busy, but they usually get round to it. If there's no other evidence of extra mounting hardware, it's probably as it's supposed to be.

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    Re: Devere 507 Varicon question

    In my Varicon head there are two slits in two heights - so it is aparently same like yours. When I use both 240 condensers I put the lover as usual (to the bottom of the compartment) and second to UPPER holder slits (as indicated in sticker). There is slight gap between both condensor elements but this work as it should and I believe there is no reason for finding other arrangement.

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