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Thread: Is it worth it to buy this Beseler enlarger?

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    Re: Is it worth it to buy this Beseler enlarger?

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Ron View Post
    Leica thread mount

    Just be sure you get the condensers.
    And the lens is for the size film you want to print and for the range of magnifications that you want to print.
    Most modern enlarging lenses from 35mm to 135mm are LTM.

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    Re: Is it worth it to buy this Beseler enlarger?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Salomon View Post
    What lens?
    It's a Soviet Industar 135mm... I forget the exact name of the lens but it was the most common enlarger lens in Russia and Ukraine back in the day... or so I've been told. It's in mint condition and unlike most of the Russian glass I've seen, it doesn't have bad gas bubbles.

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    Re: Is it worth it to buy this Beseler enlarger?

    A 135mm should work for 4x5 (I prefer a 150mm but you can't print as large due to the longer throw). I have no opinion or experience with Russian enlarger optics but these days you can get any standard enlarger lens on eBay for cheap.

    I have a whole complement of EL-Nikkors from 50 to 150mm and am perfectly happy with them. I no more than $100 for each of them, with many of them simply gifted, including a new-in-box 105mm EL Nikkor for free.

    The "LTM" lenses are M39, fairly standard but they don't work on Leica threadmount cameras so not really LTM . The lens boards I have for my Beselers are all just like 4x5 cameras - a simple hole drilled that accepts enlarger lenses with a jam nut or flange.
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