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Thread: Vacuum sealing film?

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    Vacuum sealing film?

    Do you guys vacuum seal film before putting it in the fridge (or freezer)? Or would it help in any way?

    I usually just use a ziploc for 120, and nothing for film sheet boxes (unopened), but Iím wondering if it will help with moisture?

    I also want to cool some FP100C (not freeze it), not sure if Instant film is different in that regard and would benefit from vacuum sealing.


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    Re: Vacuum sealing film?

    I would not vacuum Fuji FP as it may crush it and it already is in a sealed bag
    sin eater

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    Re: Vacuum sealing film?

    Zip Loc bags are not sufficient by themselves. You can buy a simple food freezing kit for around $100 or perhaps less which has a heated/vac strip device that draws the air out of the bag just before you press down to heat seal the provided polyethylene bags which fit inside the heat bar. Only the edge of the bag is affected. The problem with simply bagging something and freezing it is that the air trapped inside the bag contains humidity, which potentially turns into moisture problems inside the bag itself. Maybe not if you live in the desert where the ambient humidity is very low to begins with, but a distinctly possible problem most places. IF the film involved is UNOPENED and there is factory-sealed foil inside (not all sheet films have that), then I simply put it in a poly bag, press most of air out, tie it tight with either a twist knot or freezer tape, then put all that into a second such bag for extra security.

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