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Here's my set-up for lugging the 8x10 around:

Its a Lowepro AW Super Trekker - the largest one they made at the time I bought it. On the top shelf (closest to you) are 760 and 610mm apo nikkors in domke wraps. Next to it is a sekonic spot meter in the black case and (not visible) a focusing loupe, grey card, and Schneider UV glass filter. In the middle area from the top left is a 480mm apo ronar in domke wrap, Cokin Z-Pro filter holder in black case and a pouch containing cleaning materials (blower, wipes, brushes, etc). Directly under is a large Harrison dark cloth (I noticed some in holes appearing in the tapered part of the bellows so started packing the large Harrison instead of the BTZS cloth so that I can completely cover the bellows and film holder when exposing a sheet). Under the dark cloth is a Toyo 810MII. The top section contains cable release and stuff like that. The black bag protruding at the top is a padded 8x10 film holder case. I will hold up to 5 film holders and slips into the outside pocket at the rear of the pack as shown. The tripod (not shown) slides into one of the pockets on either side or in a drop out holster at the center of the pack. If needed you can fit one more lens into the pack as one lens will fold-up with the camera. It's quite hefty when you get it on your back, of course, but you can do short hikes without too much problem. For longer urban excursions I wheel it around on a folding 2-wheeler cart with telescoping handles. When not out photographing I keep everything in their dedicated hard storage cases but Monday and Tuesday were ideal for working with long lenses as the humidity was in the 20's and the wind calm so I kept everything packed and ready to go. Today its a different story - picture perfect weather but the RH climbed back into the usual 50's.

Id love to see how you store the holders... appreciate it! Sorry for the requests!

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