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Thread: Heidosmat 150mm 2.8, Copal S3 on my Linhof V

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    Heidosmat 150mm 2.8, Copal S3 on my Linhof V

    I have built myself a Heidosmat 150mm 2.8 to use on my Linhof V.
    Somehow I can't upload any photo's so I'm going to add some links:

    The lens is normaly used in a 6x6 projector. Is a Triplet type lens. Has just around 4x5 coverage.
    I have seperated the rear element from the first two. And made them so they can be fitted in any Copal 3S shutter. Others have done this without doing the seperation between the 2nd and 3rd element, but that is just wrong for the location of the aperture and shutter blades.

    This is not the first lens I have built. I'm adapting lenses for over 2 years now. Some of my better adaptations are:
    Rodenstock Heligon C (35mm F4, 50mm F2 and 80mm F4) to Olympus M4/3
    Meyer optik Trioplan 30mm F3.5 to M39. Used on any APSC or smaller mirrorless camera.
    Colorplan 90mm 2.5 with built in aperture for Sony E mount camera.
    Paxette 1A adapter for Olympus M4/3 and another for Sony E-mount. Both with working aperture in the adapter.
    A adapter from Primarflex to Mamiya 645.
    And the list goes on.
    It takes me around 2 months to built any one lens.

    If you have any questions, I don't keep the 'how to' a secret. So feel free to ask if your planning on building a Heidosmat to your 4x5.
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