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Thread: Extending capacity of Unicolor C41 kit

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    Extending capacity of Unicolor C41 kit

    I know this has been covered before so forgive me for bringing it up again. I have the chart that shows how much time to extend development if you want to use the kit past the rated 8 rolls / 32 sheets. My question is how to handle developing more than one roll at a time. If I had just used the kit to develop the last of my 8 rolls / 32 sheets at standard 3:30, and then wanted to develop two rolls of 35mm, I would assume that I would use the extended time for 9 rolls, correct? And then any subsequent rolls or sheets developed would use the time listed for 11 rolls (and onward after that)? Also, is it necessary to extend the blixing times as well?

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    Re: Extending capacity of Unicolor C41 kit

    Because the time extension is based on usage by rolls adding 2 rolls, in my opinion, would involve normally adding time and time for each roll. Or perhaps as you surmise a 1.5 time adjustment to even out for 2 rolls at same time. The chemistry is oxidizing/exhausting during the actual developing process, so this makes since.
    But careful observation and notes will help you get to a good plan when you open a new batch the next time.
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