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Thread: Anyone in SoCal?

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    Anyone in SoCal?

    Specifically, I'm in Orange County.

    Just looking for new friends to do some LF stuff. Recently out of a relationship and just needing some friends. Trying to stay busy.

    I wouldn't mind exploring LA or SD area for Large Format shooting. I'm kinda looking at Anza Borrego as well. I would go on my own but more fun with people right?

    Just putting a date stamp here so easier to find. Jan 29, 2020

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    Eric Woodbury
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    Re: Anyone in SoCal?

    Don't wait too long on Anza. Go before the flower people go or before it is hot. I should think now.

    Photographing with other LF's can be great or terrible. I have had both experiences. Generally it is fun if you like common subject matter.

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    Re: Anyone in SoCal?


    There is an annual gathering of photographers, that is held in Orange County.

    The last gathering was held in April of 2019. Hopefully, we will have one this year as well.

    For some reason I cannot attach a link, but the title of the post on this forum is below.



    HomeForumCommunityGroups & Meetings 7th Annual Large and Ultra Large Format Meet and Greet

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    Re: Anyone in SoCal?

    I'd be open to investigating the LA or SD region for large format photography. In a way, I'm also considering Anza Borrego. Although it might be more enjoyable with others, I would go alone.

    super mario bros

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