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Thread: Hello from Vancouver, BC

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    Hello from Vancouver, BC

    Hi! I'm Andrew. I'm a hobbyist photographer currently shooting a hybrid analog digital workflow (negative - scan - inkjet).

    I primarily shoot with a Hasselblad 500cm, but also frequently shoot 4x5 on my Arca Swiss Model B I've had for the last decade. I like taking pictures of landscapes and bits of nature and architecture on 47, 90 and 150mm Schneider lenses. I develop using daylight tanks in my bathroom, and scan on an Epson 700. What little 35mm I shoot is usually on a spotmatic as I love the old takumar glass.

    I'm currently looking to move up to 8x10 so I can make contact fibre prints, as I don't have access to an enlarger. I'll be selling my old Arca, and hopefully acquiring a field camera that can be hiked in addition to a 240 or 300mm lens. My goal is to develop the film in the new 8x10 daylight tank from stearman press, as I currently use their sp-445. If ya'll have any suggestions about what and how to acquire my first 8x10, please feel free to message me or reply here with any insights!

    When I'm not practicing film photography, I work as a chartered professional accountant at a port terminal in Vancouver, volunteer as the treasurer of a local charitable arts council, and play guitar and synthesizers in a punk band. Oh and I'm a new dad too!

    You can find my photography at

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    Re: Hello from Vancouver, BC

    Welcome to the Large Format Forum Andrew!

    Glad to have you as a member and look forward to your contributions.

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    Re: Hello from Vancouver, BC

    Welcome to LF forum, Andrew. You have another Andrew near you, living in Coq.


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