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Thread: Sinar Binocular Magnifier

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    Re: Sinar Binocular Magnifier

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter De Smidt View Post
    Ok. What you show, a bino board, attaches to a Sinar or Horseman bag bellows. You then need the light drop hood, I hope I'm remembering that correctly. With the bag bellows, it's no problem changing the angle of your head to see the corners. But the bag bellows has to attache to your camera. With a Sinar or Horseman that's no problem. With a Chamonix? Just use a thick, dark t-shirt or sweatshirt at first until you get some experience. Then you can make an informed choice. With 4x5, the view through a reflex finder (not what you show), is really nice, but it's a bulky and delicate device to carry around. I have ones for my Sinars and my Toyo, but I've never used the Toyo one in the field. I have used the Sinar, but only when I'm not going very far.
    When I use it with the bag bellow, I can get a good view of the image. But there is not enough magnification. I still get the black cloth and the loupe.

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    Re: Sinar Binocular Magnifier

    These never worked for me. Magnification is too low, needs to be used with a bag bellows and awkward in many ways. These originally sold with a goggle attachment with an elastic strap. The idea was to wear this contraption like a goggle allowing the user to connect to the bag bellows on the back of the camera-ground glass to view instead of using a dark cloth. The plastic magnifiers flip up and out of the "way" for non-magnified viewing.

    The other Sinar alternative viewing contraption was their reflex viewer with the mirror. This did not work that well either.

    These alternative viewing contraptions were offered as alternatives to tried and true tested dark cloth with magnifier which simply works in the best way when used properly. Neither appeared to be big market success with users over time.


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