After patching the bellows on the perky little Agfa Ansco with liquid electrical tape two weeks ago for the second time, it is in dormition for at least another week until things can firm up, avoiding a repeat of the past calamity.

A while back the 'dorff started oozing black stuff which I attributed to the protective polish I've been using. After scrapping the stuff off aided by Gibson guitar polish, I resigned to letting the old gal 'sleep' for several months to see if the dreaded plague would return.

Since I'm mucking about with gear, I thought I'd might as well wake up sleeping beauty, and at last the mighty 'dorff looks to be cured of her ailment
so I turned my attention to the 8x10 lenses and other 'dorff-centric stuff.
The assortment of containers I picked up at the dollar store yielded one lens cap plus two others that need a wee bit of fitting---perhaps glue a strip of velvet to tighten up the fit.
Then came the case.
I'm fortunate to have an original V8 case courtesy of one of the members here. Since I haven't used it in a while---the 'dorff rested in bag on my desk top during it's sabbatical---the case needed a good re-organizing.
The plastic Liscos that I was storing didn't fit well, so I removed those and found that eleven wooden Kodak/Graflex holders fit nicely, plus two more in the slot meant for storing an auxiliary back. All these holders in Hefty zip locks to protect from dust. Note: modern holders are too long(the tabs on the dark slides are the culprits) to allow the lid to close properly without sacrificing a lot of room so the holders can rest at an angle.
The dark cloth folded and stowed nicely in the lid and the lenses mounted on 6x6 boards stacked in the 6x6 compartment with plenty of room for cable releases, filters & note book.