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Thread: collecting some info for 4x5 camera-building project

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    collecting some info for 4x5 camera-building project

    first post in LF forum.
    i am collecting some questions about LF 4x5 field camera building (overal concept) and want to understand or get some link with further reading about such thing

    interpid camera have 5points where to locate front standard. like wider angle and narrower angle if further away from rear standard. are those speciffic points related to possible lenses or just anywhere to just for comfort.. to avoid endless focus scroling to get to the needed point. (like on monorail would be pointed out five points where to setup front standard)

    as i see during history there were different sizes for 4x5 filmholders. is there some most comon today considered as standart size? so project rear standard around popular filmholder size rather than rare one.

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    Re: collecting some info for project

    Q1: Front standard locations for cameras like the Chamonix and Intrepid seem to be dictated by design/engineering concerns. As long as there is a bit of overlap in the design, any lens can be easily used. That said, lens focal lengths for 4x5 cameras are fairly standardized. Looking at these may help make a more user-friendly design. Note that press cameras with dedicated rangefinders (Linhof, Speed Graphic, et al.) rely on infinity stops for particular lenses that must be precisely placed and calibrated with the rangefinder (usually by a technician). This is not the same thing as what you seem to be trying to do.

    Q2: There is, and has been, a standard for modern 4x5 filmholders for many years. There are ISO specifications for them. I suggest you look these up as well as get your hands on some actual filmholders. Currently-made holders include Toyo and Chamonix. Older, out-of-production holders made to the same ISO specs include Lisco, Fidelity and Riteway.

    There's a lot of research and a steep learning curve in a project like this. I wish you luck.


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    Re: collecting some info for project

    Once upon a time there were several plans/instructions around the internet for view cameras. Some simple some sophisticated. I've lost the bookmarks over time but there may be some out there yet.

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