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Thread: How to identify the film holder type for a unbranded large format camera

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    How to identify the film holder type for a unbranded large format camera

    I'm trying to identify the type of film holder used in an unbranded wooden tailboard camera, that I stumbled upon in an antique store next to where I work in Denmark.

    The store didn't know that much about the camera, but had good information on the lens.
    A Xenar f4.5 27cm lens without a shutter mechanism, made by Jos. Schneider & Co Kreuznach.

    I've spent a couple of days comparing it to different cameras on various webpages.
    I find it very similar looking to the german reisekamera-types made by Ernst Herbst & Firl, model named Globus M, K, A, etc.
    Later known by Ernemann and at some point sold to Neue Görlitzer Camera-Werke.

    The camera is in very good condition and beautiful crafted. But it didn't come with any film holders.
    So I'm unsure what type of film holder will fit in the rear standard.
    I measured the outline on the ground glass to be 12 x 16,5 cm. ( 4¾" x 6½" )

    If you have any hint on how to determine what kind of film holder to use, it will be much appreciated.
    I've included some images of the camera and the rear standard with some measurements.

    Let me know if more is needed.
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