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Thread: Seeking Large Format B&W Negative Repair Tips

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    Re: Seeking Large Format B&W Negative Repair Tips

    Retouch the neg and print the sky white.
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    Re: Seeking Large Format B&W Negative Repair Tips

    Many choices and you need to find one that agrees with you and your tools / talents. Find a test negative to learn.

    Crop if you can.

    There was a product called "No Scratch" by Edwal products. It was some simple oil that is now $24/oz. Brush it on the emulsion side to fill the scratch. It works pretty well...sometimes. Always experiment on a dud first.

    The rest of these are all base-side treatments. I've used red transparent dye. It's nice because it goes on slowly. You can put on a little and print, put on more, etc. If you go too far, you can back up. You can spot the negative with either inks or pencil. With inks, some folks make little mask to make hitting a dot a little easier. But surface tension is your enemy here. Sometimes the ink is wicked under the mask and makes a mess.

    A black mark in a white sky might be removed from print with potassium ferricyanide (farmer's reducer or Dusard's "liquid light") applied with a cotton swab or paint brush. Keep the running water handy. Sneak up on this one.

    My favorite for removing an unwanted black dot on a print is to take a very sharp needle and place in an easy-to-grip holder (the needle may be sharpened on emery paper or whet stone) and stipple the back of the dot on the base side of the neg. Do this on a light table under magnification. This probably doesn't work when printed on a condenser enlarger, but it works well on a diffusion enlarger. It sounds really scary, but the result can be very exact. This is my favorite for spots.


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