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Thread: US Navy Over-Sink Drying Rack

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    US Navy Over-Sink Drying Rack

    I made the post about the old US Navy darkroom under "Darkroom Equipment".
    The Navy training film, "Printing the Positive" (Youtube) shows an over-the-sink drying rack that hangs over a dark room sink. We replicated one. By welding/soldering Two oven racks together in a rectangle about 2' x 3'. We strung 5 or 6 copper wires across it hooked over the perimeter wire & soldered. These wires ran THROUGH the holes in several clothes pin springs. Two brackets at the back attached to the wall and two U-bolts attached the wire frame to the brackets. A cord holds the front up.
    Should be GREAT for a small darkroom to hang prints or film over the sink.

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    Re: US Navy Over-Sink Drying Rack

    Is this the system? Standard wooden clothes pegs are good enough for the US navy!
    There are domestic pull-out systems that are elasticated and roll up to just a narrow box on the wall. Great for things like socks, T shirts and smalls... and paper prints/films.
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    Re: US Navy Over-Sink Drying Rack

    Do you wash your socks in D76 or pyro ? Maybe that's been the staining secret to pyro all along. Wash the sox first, then develop the film.

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