I don't know that much about monitors, but . . .

I just purchased a BenQ SW240 graphics quality monitor with which I'm very pleased. It claims to have a gamut that is 99% of Adobe RGB (1998) and 100% of sRGB. It's a 10 bit monitor (most monitors, including Apples' are 8 bit) and has a 14 bit lookup table. You can check the price at B&H; suffice to say, it's affordable.

The color is beautiful. I've been working with my wife on an illustration project, and I hadn't yet had time to color manage it. (I'm using an older Apple Mac Pro computer.) So, it was a bit of a surprise to me, when I saw that a BenQ.ICC display profile had been somehow installed and designated for the monitor. Some time ago, I created a scanner profile, which I applied to portions of her illustration that had been scanned. It finally came time to print her illustration, and I was really struck by the close match between the print and the monitor. Note that I'm using this monitor in low light circumstances.

Prior to purchase, I inquired about the monitor on the Color Mgt. forum of Luminous-Landscape, and two individuals posted positive comments. It's cousin, the SW270 received very favorable and more detailed reviews in other threads. When ordering, the B&H sales person made some positive comments about the monitor, and said that BenQ was one of the few companies that make their own screens. Many other monitor makers purchase 3rd party screens.

I'm not suggesting necessarily that people go right out and purchase a BenQ monitor. But for those in the market, this one merits consideration.