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Thread: Sinar binolupe on Linhof Technika V

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    Sinar binolupe on Linhof Technika V

    Hi there, I hope someone can help me with this. I would love to use the Sinar binolupe on the Linhof Technika. So I need a 'Linhof adapter plate conversion', so that the Sinar binolupe fits on the Linhof Technika V. Does anyone know more about this? Does this adapter exist? If so, where can I get it? Hope you can help. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Sinar binolupe on Linhof Technika V

    It was discontinued a couple of decades ago. That viewer is too heavy and would pull the gg back out of position if one wasn’t extremely careful while using it.
    The Linhof Reflex Attachment is much more practical on a Linhof. Also much more convenient to pack and carry.

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    Re: Sinar binolupe on Linhof Technika V

    Hi Bob, I never thought of it that way! True and, saves me some. Thank you for your message!

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    Re: Sinar binolupe on Linhof Technika V

    In the 1980s we had a custom adapter fabricated that hinged the Sinar binocular reflex back off the "shoe" on top where the universal finder was mounted. It wasn't cheap but it did work. You had to flip over the hood to be atop the camera to load a film holder or mount a roll film back. Achilles heal of the adapter was that if you tilted the camera up, the finder would no longer be in contact with (GG) back. So you can in fact use a Sinar binocular reflex finder with a Technika (with a custom adapter), but as Bob said the Linhof reflex finder was "much more convenient to pack and carry." Agree with that statement 100%. We used the Technika for its portability, and the Sinar finder wasn't exactly convenient to carry.

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    Re: Sinar binolupe on Linhof Technika V

    Hi Greg, thank you for your reply. I will continue to use the Linhof Reflex Attachment. It does work nicely, and is indeed easy to pack and carry.

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    Re: Sinar binolupe on Linhof Technika V

    I wasn't going to weigh in, because Mr. Salomon is absolutely correct that a heavy viewfinder will easily pull the ground glass frame away from the film holder, and Linhof's lightweight monocular reflex finder works just fine. Nonetheless, I have used the frame from a Linhof folding focusing hood and the bottom adapter for a Horseman viewer, which screwed together without drilling, to make an adapter that fits a Linhof and takes Sinar/Horseman bellows frames. One can then mount a Sinar bellows and plastic binocular visor to make a workable lightweight binocular viewer. This also works with a Horseman binocular straight viewer. The Horseman reflex finder is a little too heavy to work for other than vertical copy work with this setup. This allows you to have traditional inverted ground glass viewing with binocular vision, with very good stray light rejection. You might find this useful in an outdoor or other environment where it is not convenient or sanitary to use a traditional darkcloth.

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    Re: Sinar binolupe on Linhof Technika V

    Hi Ernest, thank you for your message. I have decided I will keep using the Linhof Reflex Attachment. This has worked for me for years, and will work for years to come. I was just wondering how and if I could have a focusing device for both eyes. This is not the best way to use the Linhof. Thanks again!

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