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Thread: Microtek 1800f or Epson V850 ?

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    Question Microtek 1800f or Epson V850 ?

    Hi There -- ...a newby question...

    I have an old, largely unused Microtek Artixscan 1800f scanner, and hope to scan 4x5 B&W negatives in the future. Would a more modern scanner like the Epson V850 (or perhaps something else) do a significantly better job ? What would I lose out on, if I was to stick with the Microtek for now ? I work in Windows.

    Cheers !

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    Re: Microtek 1800f or Epson V850 ?

    There's a bunch of old thread (some as far back as 2007) in this forum on both the Microtek i800 and i900.
    The newest model with LED's is the 9800.
    i800 1200dpi max
    i900 3200dpi max
    9800 says 1600-3200 no clue if the 3200 is optical.
    Most everybody prefers the Epson 850.

    I had an i800 for a short while and test ran it after purchasing on some 4 X 5 B&W's at both 600 & 1200 dpi.
    The original photo's were shot in the 50s and early 60's using a Graflex vs a newer camera.
    The negatives lacked depth anywhere beyond the main shooting area (not really a fault of the scanner.)
    The seven-year-ago project involved 3k in negs, and were scanned almost exclusively with the i900 (most at 1200dpi, which I regret).
    The results were more than satisfactory.
    Currently I've scanned more than 18k (shot over a fifteen year period (1970-1984)) of A120s at 2400dpi. Depite some setbacks due to poor storage of the negatives, the results are very good.
    Of course some are bad, but primarily due to circumstances related to the condition of the negatives..

    You do not say if your 4 X 5's are B&W or color?
    What are the approximate date these 4 X 5's were photographed?

    IMO, the best thing you could do is simply test scan some of your negs on your Microtek and see if your satisfied with the results.

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    Re: Microtek 1800f or Epson V850 ?

    Sorry. You did state B&W

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    Re: Microtek 1800f or Epson V850 ?

    MANY Thanks for the note wilderess. I believe the 1800f is from about 2003 vintage; it had decent reviews back then, though was wondering if current scanners were much better. You're right, many are happy with the V850. Good advice or trying out the Microtek, though being a complete newby, wondering if just upgrading to current technology would be best, and start learning from there. I realize my question was sort of an "open question"... and I guess I had been fishing for a definite yes/no, though your comment that the V850 is preferred by most is a good indication.

    Best Regards !

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    Re: Microtek 1800f or Epson V850 ?

    For your B&W 4 X 5's I believe you'd be pleased with the results.
    Make sure you try the different film settings (brand and ASA speed) to determine what works best for your film.
    Having been down both roads, I'd also suggest scanning the B&W's as color.

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