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Thread: Still Life 2020

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    Re: Still Life 2020

    Quote Originally Posted by ericantonio View Post
    Oh bummer. Sounds like a politian lie. It's in excellent condition which is true. Shutter doesn't work is also true but not disclosed.
    Hope you can get it fixed! I've always liked those since they came out but at the time, I was having fun with my Hassy.
    Thanks. I'm trying to get it fixed. My local camera repair shop guy said it needs new parts. I want a compact travel camera like that. I got it for a trip I was going to take because it's easy to carry on an airplane but covid-19 hit which ended those plans.

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    Re: Still Life 2020

    Quote Originally Posted by ostrygad View Post
    Hi all. Long time since i posted anything

    So this is a scan of a salt print made from wet plate collodion glass negative. Thank you !

    Attachment 201811
    Really great, thanks!! Indeed you should post more often

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    Re: Still Life 2020

    Calumet 4x5, Caltar Pro Series 210 f/6.3, Fomapan 400 in D-76 1+8.

    Silver-gelatin print toned with selenium and copper.

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    Re: Still Life 2020

    MINR XRay Test 1 210mm Componon F22 Two Pops C171 by Nokton48, on Flickr

    18x24cm Kodak MIN-R Mammography film cut into 4x5s. Sinar Norma Broncolor C171 with Broncolor Pulso Beauty Dish. Two strobe pops with Sinar Norma Shutter, multiple pops are no problem. Schneider chrome Componon lens at F22. Lisco Regal 4x5 film holder

    Legacy Mic-X film dev 8 mins at 68F Aristo 8x10 #2 RC print Multigrade dev

    This is fun
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