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Thread: Long throw cable release - Betax shutter

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    Re: Long throw cable release - Betax shutter

    Years ago went to our local photo store (remember them?) and compared their assortment of shutter release cords to find the one(s) that had the longest throw. Bought 3, should have bought more. Lost one which now resides on the bottom of the Hubbard River in the Granville State Forest in western Mass... Now down to two. Unfortunately no brand name on them. Their throw not "long" enough to fire off a Sinar Copal shutter, but with "throw" to spare when on my Betax No. 5 shutter. FYI: half of my shutter release cords will not fire my Betax No. 5. Think my shutter releases are Gepes, but not 100% sure.

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    Re: Long throw cable release - Betax shutter

    I have an ilex #5 shutter that can only be fired with my Prontor cable release. All my other (6) cable releases, which are not Prontors, will not fire the Ilex #5 shutter.

    Specs for the Prontor cable release are: 10 inches long, clothed wrapped and has a 2 centimeter throw, which converts to approx. a 20 millimeter throw.

    I hope this helps.
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    Re: Long throw cable release - Betax shutter

    Got this for the Ilex 5, it works!

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    Re: Long throw cable release - Betax shutter

    Let's rewind here... The Betax #4 socket is threaded for an old style tip that is a straight thread, not tapered... If a tapered tip is used, it had a different thread pitch, diameter, and thread profile... It might just engage holding on to one thin thread (by its fingernails), but will fail in the near future, esp with the harder engagement force due to the self cocking shutter...

    He will need the proper tipped release for long term (proper) use... I posted the only semi-modern release that is proven to work... Jac posted the dimensions to this tip in an old post... (Where is Jac these days, I hope he is well...)

    Keep looking...

    Steve K

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