I am relatively briefly involved with photography and especially love cameras, lenses and technics that go with it.

Almost 4 years ago I started photographing with an Olymus OM-D 10 Mark 2. Now I am photographing with a Sony A7III (only with old German lenses), Praktica BX20S, Mamiya 645 (German lenses only), Kodak Retina IIa, Franka rolfix and lastly my LF Linhof Technica V.

What I do:
I extract lenses from older cameras to use them on my cameras. For example, I made a Primarflex-M645 adapter to use an MF trioplan on an M645.
I have built a Heidosmat 150 mm 2.8 on a Copal 3S shutter in order to have a cheap alternative to a 150 mm Xenotar with the Linhof.
I have converted and sold many many lenses.

What I want to do:
A Paxette-1A Trinar 40mm 2.8 conversion for my A7 with working diaphragm.
Start selling the Heidosmat and build another one.
And building an extremely large camera in the future.

In person, I'm a married father of two jong boys, to little time to spend to be profecional in photography, I have now almost shot a box of 50 Fomapan 100 4x5 in half a year. I live in Holland (Holland is a small part of the Netherlands that consists of two of its provinces)