I just received my Intrepid 4x5 camera, my first LF camera. I had considered taking a workshop, but difficult to find one dedicated to LF. Then I realized individual tutoring might be better than a class anyway.

My chief interest is portraiture. I have begun film testing, took some family photos in my garage-studio. Discovered I am over-developing...I think. Prior to this, I've been doing instant film photography. No other real film experience other than waaaaay back when I did conquer exposure basics.

This forum has been super helpful. Specifically, I'm looking for darkroom (processing and printing) plus any other feedback on my processes, techniques, lighting. I'm using the Stearman Press 445 tank for daylight processing. I'll probably take a darkroom class as well since the basics there apply to any format.

I have the Intrepid enlarger (utilizes the camera) likely arriving this month.

Happy to pay a fair wage. Thanks!

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