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Thread: What 8x10 changing bag do you use?

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    Re: What 8x10 changing bag do you use?

    How do you keep track of zone system exposed film sheets when you remove then in a tent? Let's say you exposed 12 sheet in 6 holders/ What process do you use to flag each sheet and identify each one during the removal process?

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    Re: What 8x10 changing bag do you use?

    My field notes are tied to the holder numbers. If possible I segragate holders by SBR (scene brightnesss range), since that is what will determine development. I unload similar SBR negatives and put them into one box and lable the box.

    When I photographed in Zion for a month (artist-in-residence), I found that that the SBR was amazing consistent for 90% of my images (rarely happens for me in the redwoods).

    I have also unloaded holders and recorded by film holder number/side how they were going into the box -- then use the list to know which negative I was pulling out the exposed-film box so that I could tie it to its exposure and SBR data to determine development.

    PS -- my new-to-me and NIB Harrison Jumbo Tent just arrtived -- it is huge...looks like I'll be able to change my 11x14 if I need to! Room to swim with 8x10!
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    Re: What 8x10 changing bag do you use?

    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Klein View Post
    I just ordered the Harrison Original Film Changing Tent - Standard 35mm (36" x 27" x 14"). B&H had it on backorder. ($257) So I got it from FilmTools out in California ($248 including shipping, no NJ sales tax). Anyone ever deal with them?

    Side question. Do you handle the film inside when loading the 4x5 holders with bare hands or gloves?

    Anyone use these tents for developing?

    Can your kids go camping in these?
    Most important is you use a cool, quiet place to change film, because if you sweat, the humidity in the bag can go up making the film swell (so hard to insert into/remove from holders), and enough of your sweat can get on film and leave marks, and stick to you and other films... Do your dark operations at night after shooting, someplace cool without distractions, like back at your hotel or home... Stress also causes sweat and mistakes...

    Clean, washed hands are fine, but also avoid wearing some potentially linty clothes, as the lint can get on film via your arms... Keep new and used film holders in anti-static or zip lock bags to keep them clean, and avoid leaving holders in direct sunlight (for good luck)... Consider getting an AC computer vac to clean holders before loading...

    For the kids??? Unless they are named Tom Thumb, but Mr Boots the cat??? Maybe...

    Steve K

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    Re: What 8x10 changing bag do you use?

    My Jumbo Photoflex has served me well form any years. It is stored opened up to get air.

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    Re: What 8x10 changing bag do you use?

    I don’t really have a professional bag. I used to do it in the past, but I noticed that the difference of having one or not is not that big. So, I decided to invest my money in something else, that I think will last me longer. Recently, I started buying small bag pieces from and I am very happy with my purchases. They are the exact size of a 8x10 changing bag, so in this sense they are pretty identical. Then, I really love the design of the bags, didn’t see a lot of similar pieces anywhere else. Definitely check it out, because the quality is amazing for this price point. I just think that there are a lot of alternatives to the classic mainstream ones.
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