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Thread: Months-away tide prediction site or app?

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: Months-away tide prediction site or app?

    All of this is published in advance (not including things like storm surge etc), but you have to be quite specific about the location. I'd just type into the search engine, "Tomales Bay tide chart", or "Lost Coast Tides", or whatever.

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    Re: Months-away tide prediction site or app?

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Goldstein View Post
    Interesting. I'll have to see if they have something similar for where I'll be in CA, though I'll have to find a station number first. Alternately, I can just use the Maine info and figure out the difference between stations for any particular day (like today). Thank you.
    Go to
    Search for your place name, for example the Santa Cruz CA station is

    You can specify a date range (it says the max range for the plot is 31 days, but those 31 days can be in the future, past, etc), and make a plot. Or you can click the big blue "Click Here for Annual Published Tide Tables" button on the right, then pick a year, and download a nicely formatted PDF.

    Tides are influenced by local topography to some extent, so it is better to check the actual stations you are interested in rather than trying to offset from a different place.

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    Re: Months-away tide prediction site or app?

    The tide chart book for Massachusetts is called "Eldridge's", IIRC. It's published yearly (since the 19th century) and should be available at any boat shop.
    Full of all sorts of useful information (for sailors anyway) as well.

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