This thread is the sequel to the thread where I ask for measurements of the lensboard of a Rayments patent camera (see here: https://www.largeformatphotography.i...-some-measures). Since I got all the measures from fellow member andrewch59, I thought it would be more convenient to share with you my experience on building the actual board in a separate thread.

So - after a silent period - here is a first update of the work in progress (before I could commence this work I had to overcome a sudden lung disease and had further time spent restoring the Eastman full plate which is shown in another thread). The below pictures show the wooden piece of mahogany that I acquired from a UK source. Further the pictures show how the piece is sawn - fortunately I could saw the pieces for the board as I had in mind, so with a centre panel and two breadboards, as well as a second lenspanel in one single piece.

This was the board as I got in the mail from the UK...

Since this could be considered all mini woodworking, the scribelines had to be made with a thin knife instead with a pencil.

Sawing should be done such that the breadboards have their grain direction perpendicular to the grain direction of the centre board.

Here the 2 lens boards are shown that could be derived from this piece of wood: the composite board, which has to become the replication of an original board, and - as a bonus - I could saw a one piece lensboard