I tend to keep my exposure sheets, dividers, etc. in with my negatives just in the 3-ring film binders and am starting to wonder if that's wise for archiving safety.

The film itself is in PrintFiles (35mm, 120, and 4x5) in BW, C-41, and E-6. I have my old binder from high school (not many moons old heh) that had shoot sheets with the negatives with no notable issues (all that stuff was BW though).

Curious, I know acid-free paper is better for mounting prints. For negatives, do I need to get a certain type of paper and/or 3-ring dividers or is normal paper and stuff a-ok? PrintFiles protect the negatives from touching anything but not sure if any off-gassing could be an issue?

Asking because it is convenient to keep some metadata with my films - such as exposure, push/pull, film type for the 4x5's if it's not obvious, etc. I actually document this in a custom webapp I made (thefilmlog.org) but the idea was to include much of this information with the negative just in case I lost the digitally ethereal versions. But if it's not ideal to do so, I may either keep the notes in another binder or just stick with my digital notes (and make copious backups).