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Thread: Advice on how to get correct E6/C41 temperature on Jobo CPP3?

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    Advice on how to get correct E6/C41 temperature on Jobo CPP3?


    I have a Jobo CPP3 and I'm having difficulty getting the correct 38 degree temperature as I use the auto mode. If I let the machine do its thing and I start off with room temperature chemicals, it will take several hours before it can warm up the chemicals to the correct temperature. If I start off with chemicals that are closer to the 38 degrees, the machine still takes its time to warm up the bottles once the chemicals are inside them. So far, if I want to process E6/C41 within an hour, I have to warm up the chemicals with hot water from the sink until they are ready to be used. Does anyone have a better or more efficient way to process E6/C41 that doesn't take hours?


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    Re: Advice on how to get correct E6/C41 temperature on Jobo CPP3?

    Whatever process I am doing, way ahead of time I use a JOBO TEMPERING BOX TBE-2/12 to bring my chemistry up to temp. About an hour before processing (lots of the time way less than an hour in practice) fill up the JOBO with water at processing temp and turn the JOBO on, and also load up the Drum(s). Then when I go back down to the darkroom, I can start processing within minutes.

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    Re: Advice on how to get correct E6/C41 temperature on Jobo CPP3?

    Well, I have a CPA2 so this may or may not work for you:

    First, I bring the tap water to about 5 degrees of the processing temperature and then fill the rinse bottles with it and then the processor with a 2L beaker leaving just enough room for the developer, fix, etc., bottles without overflowing the unit. Before turning the tap off I fill the 2L beaker with the tap water and mix the developer and the rest of the chemistry. That way everything starts off at about the same temperature. Lastly I install the tank, turn the unit on, start the proper tank rotation and bring-up the water temperature which I monitor with a Jobo color thermometer which I find to be accurate. When the water temperature in the trough reaches the proper temperature I let it run for a few minutes to verify that it is stable as recommended by Kodak and then start with the developer. At that point I usually turn the temperature dial down as it takes several minutes for any difference in the air temperature to make a difference in the processor and monitor the thermometer which always remains at the proper temperature through at least the developer which is the critical part of the process. I keep 3 plastic bottles of water frozen for the few times that I have to lower the water temperature placing a frozen bottle in the furthest slot from the heating element and placing the container in that slot (if full) in the trough.

    This works for me.



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    Re: Advice on how to get correct E6/C41 temperature on Jobo CPP3?

    Hi dede'

    I have an ol' CPE-2
    Our tempering volume is roughly the same....not quite 4 gallons (15L)

    in close to 30 years of use, 2 hours is about the shortest time I've been able to go from a dry jobo, to beginning to process at a stable 37.7c (100f)

    I use cold tap water to avoid any calcium buildup on the heating coil.

    Greg and Thomas both give great advice

    Another device to use as a heat source are sous vide low temperature cookers
    You could put together a reliable and effective tempering box for chemicals, for about a $100
    Follow suit as Greg does.

    My routine is close to Thomas.
    I temper my tank by rotating it dry on the processor as everything comes up to temperature.

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    Re: Advice on how to get correct E6/C41 temperature on Jobo CPP3?

    Not sure what you are doing wrong. I have been using a CPP2 for 20 years and it is ready to go almost instantly after filling and mixing chemistry.
    Are you filling the JOBO with the correct temp water? For example one degree C over indicated process temperature.
    Are you mixing the chemistry with the correct temp water? For example the Arista C41 instructs 49C water mix to bring room temp concentrate to working temperature.

    Usually I'll fill the Jobo and mix chemistry before loading the film holders in the drum. So the Jobo establishes exact temperature while I'm removing the film from the film holders and placing the film in the drum.

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    Re: Advice on how to get correct E6/C41 temperature on Jobo CPP3?

    Most time I use my CPE2 Plus. I have CPA/CPP, but I only use them if I want to have large print.

    For CPE2, it is easy to start from scratch. I fill the basin with mixed hot/cold tap water, right to about 100F. I can even boil hot water to raise the temp quickly. During the mean time, I fill the bottles with working solutions and put them in the water.

    Then I wait for about one hour to get to stable temperature. During the mean time, I load the film and finish other stuff.

    I understand it is a pain to change the bath water in CPA/CPP. But I do not want to wait for 2-3 hours.

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    Re: Advice on how to get correct E6/C41 temperature on Jobo CPP3?


    i have a CPP3.
    try turning off the water inlet which fills the tempering bath once your water levels are correct.
    i find that the machine will always add a little cold water to the bath in case the temp sensor reads 38.1 degrees Celsius.
    This will result in prolonged heating times. I save about 1/2 hour of heating time this way.

    Also, try covering the area right of your drum with a plexiglass or some kind of lid, even plastic foil.
    This area is very large, so there is a big heat loss there.
    I also have an atl1000, where all is under a lid. That machine heats up super quick because there is virtually no heat loss.

    good luck

    ps- on a sidenote, always check developer temp with thermometer inside the plastic bottle.
    I find that sometimes water bath temp does not equal developer temp if you are rushing stuff.

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    Re: Advice on how to get correct E6/C41 temperature on Jobo CPP3?

    Thanks for all the great suggestions! I ended up buying a Jobo TBE-2 and that's made a big difference in getting the temperature warmed up faster since there's much less water to heat than the CPP3. It almost seems like it does a better job at keeping it at the correct temperature again, probably because of the less water needed to keep it heated. I also like that I can use the smaller 600ml bottles to fill up if need be.

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    Re: Advice on how to get correct E6/C41 temperature on Jobo CPP3?

    If one can't find a Jobo TBW-2, a sous vide device should do the same thing.
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