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Thread: Contact print frame glass

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    Contact print frame glass

    I accidentally (of course it was not on purpose) broke the glass in my 11x14 contact print frame.

    I cut a new sheet of glass but the edges are very sharp.

    Do you folks have any suggestions for smoothing the edges of the glass?


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    Re: Contact print frame glass

    Sand paper or maybe more safely a sanding block. A belt sander works the trick.

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    Re: Contact print frame glass

    I use a sharpening stone that I use for honing chisel and plane blades. My stone has two surfaces, coarse and a fine, and I use the fine for glass.

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    Re: Contact print frame glass

    Emery paper 220 grit on a sanding block will work...

    Be careful of the dust it creates as that can penetrate skin and you don't want it in your eyes... :-(

    Steve K

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    Re: Contact print frame glass

    Wet - Dry sand paper and a sanding block. Been a while but I think I used 180 or 220 grit and wet sanded it.


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    Re: Contact print frame glass

    You will probably want to wear a mask as well.
    --- Steve from Missouri ---

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    Re: Contact print frame glass

    I use a sharpening stone.

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    Re: Contact print frame glass

    I'm with Barry and Paul. Any old moderately coarse stone works fast and well. This use does gradually wear down the stone, so don't use a stone that you need for precision sharpening, like a plane blade. The first step in processing window glass for framing photos is to stone the edges to make cleaning and framing safer for me and subsequent photo owners. Yes, window glass is a poor substitute for any of the various glasses an elegant gallery would expect, but I ain't no elegant photographer.

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